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Thermal Inspection

In the greater Montreal area

The thermal inspection offered by Inspection Bilodeau in the Greater Montreal area is an essential solution for assessing a property’s energy performance and construction quality. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our team of thermal inspection experts uses infrared cameras to detect temperature variations, air leaks and insulation defects. This non-invasive approach identifies potential problems before they become major sources of cost.

Whether you’re buying a new home, selling an existing property or simply looking to improve energy efficiency, a thermal inspection provides valuable information. The detailed reports generated by Inspection Bilodeau offer a complete view of the thermal condition of the property, enabling owners and buyers to make informed decisions. Trust Inspection Bilodeau for professional and reliable thermal inspection services in the Greater Montreal area.

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Poorly sealed chimney lets in cold air

Wall redone poorly insulated


No insulation at bottom of foundation

Water infiltration (ice from winter) in the ceiling of a flat-roofed building

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